The “for” Loop

What is it good for

The “for” loop is a special case “while” loop. Most developers I know generally skip the “while” loop altogether and just use the “for” loop for it’s simplicity and versatility, I think you will see why shortly.
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The “while” Loop

It’s been a while

The “while” loop is the first looping structure that we will discuss, it is used to repeat a section of code until a Boolean condition is met. To me, a while loop is just an “if” statement that repeats while it’s boolean expression is true.
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The “If” Statement

What If?

The purpose of the “if” statement is to help control the flow of logic in a program. It can be used to execute one set of code in one situation and a different set of code in a different situation. I consider “if” to be the most basic control structure in programming.
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Array Creation

An Array is just a collection of values. When creating an Array you can usually create it either with or without preset values. Some languages don’t require the size of an Array to be specified during declaration, but most do. + Read More


What is a variable?

A variable is a named representation of a value. A variable could represent numbers, strings, collections, functions/methods, etc… anything really. + Read More

Boolean Expressions

A fair amount of computer programming is checking the condition of something and then doing one thing if that condition is right and another thing if that condition is wrong. We call that a Boolean operation. There are two options and one must be chosen. + Read More

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