Everything From Scratch

In this blog I intend to do everything from the ground up. I don’t even have a database yet, but will include that in the blogging process. Infact this blog is completely static at the moment but I will fix that shortly.

What I want to accomplish with this blog is chronicle every aspect of what I am doing in trying to get this blog off the ground. I have tested several blogging engines and even sort of created one; however they just haven’t been good enough. I have a few criteria that I require for my blog

  • I want to be able to add entries from Windows Live Writer
  • I want to be able to upload images
  • I want to be able to add categories at will
  • I want to have an easy method for displaying code samples
  • I want to be able to sort articles by calendar, category, and series

I am by trade a .Net Developer and so I will be using .Net for the actual source of my blog. I will provide code samples in every language that I can though in an attempt to help anyone interested in learning one of the languages I use. The langauges supported on this blog will start with C#, VB.Net, Javascript, PHP, and Ruby on Rails

As you may have noticed I listed Javascript. I may not be able to completely create the blogging software in Javascript but I will do my best to explain and demonstrate the principles of object oriented programming in all of the languages.

Well, that’s all for now. I will start my next post with a series on the Pillars of Object Oriented Software Design and Development.

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